80 Photorealistic Fire Explosions


Ignite your artwork with these fire explosion brushes! 80 variations, high-res, and super easy to use.

✔ 80 High-Res Brushes:
Get the perfect explosion with 80 different variations for you to choose from. These explosions come in 5000px brushes for Photoshop CS6 and 2500px for Photoshop CS5 or lower.✔ Photorealistic Fire Gradient:
Get photorealistic results with the included fire gradient! Just add a gradient map over your explosions for instant photorealistic results.✔ Easy-to-Use Prerendered JPEG Images:
Not used to using Photoshop brushes? Use the prerendered JPEG images instead! They’re super easy to use. Just drag & drop the file into your document then change the blending mode to Linear Dodge or Screen.✔ Stackable
Stack as many explosions together as you want to create the perfect explosion.

See it in action: