Android Scene Creator


Create your own custom Android scene featuring the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This product is a Simple and Flexible Mockup for Photoshop.


  • Easy to Customize: All layers are organized and can be easily repositioned and rotated. You can also add your own image to the phone screen simply by dragging and dropping.
  • Seven Desk Items: Customize your scene with a notebook, glasses, mechanical pencil, stylus, paper clips, sticky notes, and a plant.
  • Add a Pointing or Stylus-Holding Hand: Demonstrate how your app works with a pointing or stylus-holding hand.
  • Pick a Background or Use Your Own: Use the included black, white, kraft, or cedar background or use your own!
  • Perfect for Screen or Print: At a whopping 6000×4000 pixels (that’s 24 megapixels), your image will be great for everything from web to print.

Presentation Website

Product Updates

  • March 15, 2015 – Three new desk objects: card wallet, mouse, and keyboard